Competition Categories

                                                    Competition  Categories

CINDERELLA BEAUTY: Judged on personal appearance, grooming, poise, personality and stage presentation. The Cinderella Beauty competition is comprised of two events: Party Wear – street length dress for 0-12 yrs age divisions. Simple (Easter type) dresses suggested for these age divisions. Full length formal for 13-26 age divisions and Casual Wear – slacks, shorts, capri’s, or skirts –NO SWIMSUITS, hats, sunglasses, etc. or removal of garments allowed. Age division winners are named “Beauty Winners” and are a combined score of Casual Wear and Party Wear.

TALENT AND TOT PERSONALITY: Required for ages 3-26 for those who wish to compete
for the Overall title or Talent title only. Talent is offered for age division 7-9, 10-12,
13-17 and 18-26 only. An onstage interview will take place for the 3-6 age group.
Highest ranking talent in each age group is named “Talent Winner” and the best
onstage interview in the 3-6 age division is named “Tot Personality”. Tot contestants
are encouraged to wear their party dress for Tot Personality. Talent music must be
recorded on a CD and be the only song on that CD. Please bring a back up CD.
Talent time cannot exceed 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Turn in talent CD at registration.
Some examples of Talent Presentations are: Dancing, Singing, Twirling, Magic Acts,
Karate, Tumbling, Cheer Dances, Monologues, Instruments (not provided), 

PHOTOGENIC: Participants in each age division are judged on photogenic
qualities and personality as exhibited in their photographs. Age division winners are
named “Photogenic Winner”. Bring picture to registration with name and age
labeled on the back of the photo. These pictures will be returned and can be no
larger than an 8X10. No frames allowed.

INTERVIEW: At the state pageant a closed door interview with the judges is required for ages 3-26.

PLAYTIME: At the state pageant judges will have a play date with the tiny tots.

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